Why AED's with DeFib UK?


Helping the Nation save lives

DeFib Uk are passionate about AED's being in as many places as possible. It is for this reason that we look to make buying your AED easy. Whether it is a standalone machine, or one of the DeFib UK Life Saving Packages , call us today


DeFib's Save Lives

The current survival rate for Sudden Cardiac Arrest is around 8% if no AED is available. This increases greatly if you receive a shock from an AED inside 3 minutes and your chance of survival can improve by up to 75%. Call us today to discuss your needs and look at the best unit for you.


Great Advice

We are impartial, this means we will help you make the right decision for your organisation, even if it means we make less money!! We can demo the units for you, either in person or over Skype! Contact us for details.

Contact us today to help you make the right choice

The AED that really helps you when you need it most!

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Radio 4 - Inside Health on DeFib's

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