Powerheart G5, Semi Automatic AED

Cardiac Science

The Cardiac Science Powerheart  G5 is an instantly identifiable defibrillator which is incredibly simple to use. Anyone from the untrained user to the medical professional can use it to save a life.

The bright orange colour makes the unit incredibly easy to spot during an emergency and  yet is an easy to use defibrillator. This is the Cardiac Science G5 model, semi-automatic AED.

What Does The Powerheart G5 Semi-Automatic AED COME WITH:

  • 1 pair of Adult Electrodes
  • IntelliSense Lithium Battery
  • AED Manager and User Manual
  • Quick Start Tool Kit: includes Quick Start Guide, CD-ROM & AED Manual, Training Video, RescueLink & MDLink and Serial Communication Cable
  • FREE DeFib UK AED Rescue Kit
  • FREE P&P

The Powerheart G5 Semi-Automatic AED Key Features

  • Voice/text prompts and graphics guide the user through the rescue process
  • Adult and child compatible with paediatric function available
  • 90 minutes of internal storage can store ECG, CPR Device and essential rescue data such as time, date, and prompt information
  • Data transfer, review, and management software shall be included with each AED
  • Automated self-tests access up to 88 items within the device to make sure it is always rescue ready
  • Diagram to assist in proper pad placement helps the first responder during the rescue process
  • With an IP55 rating means the defibrillator is protected against water and foreign objects
  • Bright orange colour — unmissable in an emergency situation when every minute counts

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