HeartSine samaritan PAD 360P, Fully Automated


The minutes following a sudden cardiac arrest are crucial. The PAD 350P defibrillator’s design means vital seconds are saved. With visual and verbal aids, the first responder has all the assistance they need to help the patient through the recovery process.

In fact the Heartsine Samartian PAD 360P defibrillator is the perfect unit for the untrained lay responder: its compact and easy-to-use design makes it suitable for use on both adults and children. And more.

What Does The HeartSine 360P AED COME WITH:

  • 1 PAD PAKS (adult electrodes)
  • Carry case
  • 4 year battery life
  • Quick reference instruction card
  • 8 year Manufacturers Warranty 
  • FREE DeFib UK Rescue Kit
  • FREE P&P

HeartSine 360P AED Key Features 

Portable and lightweight, making the defibrillator easy to carry and transport

With an IP56 rating, the unit is extremely durable and well protected against dust and water

Advanced SCOPE biphasic technology produces low-energy waveform and escalating-shock therapy

User-friendly interface and easy-to-understand visual and voice prompts

Simple, two-button operation – an ON/OFF button and SHOCK

System Status Ready indicator flashes to indicate the unit is operational

Not Sure Which AED Accessory is best for you?

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