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Mindray C1A Outdoor Start a Heart Kit

Our start a heart kits are a great solution to help simplify installing your AED. Choose outdoor and indoor and then which AED you want and then we will help you get everything you need. The Mindray C1A Outdoor Start a Heart Kit includes the Mindray BeneHeart C1A Defibrillator, is ideal for placement in any environment, ensuring your school, office or place of work is heart safe.

The Defib Caddy is designed to keep your defibrillator protected from the elements and accessible 24/7 with an outdoor cabinet, available both locked and unlocked, this model is the locked version and includes a mechanical keypad lock.

Made from impact resistant polyethylene in eye-catching yellow, one-part moulded cabinet is hard to miss! All threaded fixing holes are moulded in, for increased strength and durability, so you can be assured that the cabinet is very hard-wearing against adverse weather and even vandalism. The Defib Caddy is equipped with a thermostatic heater that kicks in when the temperature is 5 degrees centegrade and turns off once the internal cabinet temperature is 15 degrees. The cabinet also an LED light and a viewing window so you can easily see your AED.

The 3D Metal Public Accessible Defibrillator Wall Sign is manufactured to be hard to miss. Made to stand proud and printed with the universally recognised symbol for 'Defibrillator', our sign directs rescuers to your device location, ensuring it is visible from all angles in an emergency. Ensure that all staff members, visitors or passers-by know that your site is equipped with a publicly accessible defibrillator so they can assist someone suffering a cardiac arrest in an emergency. 

Although training in the use of an AED is not compulsory, the Automatic External Defibrillation (AED) Course is a great way to give your staff and visitors the confidence to use this life saving equipment in an Emergency. The course is a half day course, and will give attendees practical experience in CPR and using the defib and result in confident AED users at the end of the course. If you purchase your AED from DeFib UK, we will ensure your model of AED will be on the course. 

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  • Key Features

    The Mindray C1A is packed with features that make using an AED easy:

    • ResQNavi – evaluates proficiency level of rescuer and provides intelligent rescue navigation tailored to user
    • Simple Adult/Paediatric mode switch
    • Pre-connected adult/child pads - no need for additional sets of pads nd saves time in an emergency
    • QShock – Fast time to 1st Shock (less than 8s) increasing chance of successful defibrillation
    • 360J biphasic high energy for better outcome
    • Robust design – 1.5m drop test
    • IP55 water/dust proof
    • Battery and pads have life cycle up to 5 years
    • 8 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Comes With
  • Product Specs
    Defib BrandMindray
    Warranty8 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
    Battery LifeUp to 5 years
    Pad LifeUp to 5 years
    IP Rating55: the AED is protected against limited dust ingress and low pressure water jets from any direction
    Semi/Fully AutomaticFully Automatic or Semi Automatic
    Energy DeliveryEscalating
    On Screen ECGNo
    Manual OverrideNo
    MemoryUp to 5 hours
    DimensionsH: 7.8cm x W: 21.0cm x D: 28.6.4cm
    Product Weight2.3kg
  • Current Lead Times

    The lead time for AED and AED Accessories varies greatly at the moment, with some products having very long lead times. Please contact us before ordering to confirm the lead time for your product. 01473 551815.

    Current lead time: Approx. 1-2 weeks

    Last updated 11/04/2024

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