DeFib UK Start a Heart Kits

The DeFib UK Start a Heart Kits are designed to take the stress out of choosing your AED and include everything you need to get started with your defibrillator. Essentially, you have two choices to make. First, is your AED going inside or outside? Secondly, which of the AEDs do you want? We will then provide you with:

- Defibrillator and everything that comes as standard with that AED

- AED Rescue Kit

- If a case does not normally come with your AED with will provide a suitable case

- Either a universal wall hanger for inside, or the DefibCaddy external cabinet with lock for outside 

- AED location sign

- Defib training course for up to 12 people

- If you choose the LifePak 1000 ECG model, we will include the 3-lead ECG cable as well.

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