DeFib UK Start a Heart Kits

DeFib UK Start a Heart Kits are bundled in a way to take the stress away from buying an AED. We supply two categories of Start a Heart Kit, either outdoor or Indoor kits. Once you know where you want to keep your AED, choose the type of AED and we supply everything else you need to get started.

Storage will either be the InCaddy Internal AED Wall Cabinet, perfect for keeping your AED safe. The InCaddy is made from polyethylene and is a moulded one piece construction unit. The cabinet is unlocked, so you can easily get to your AED quickly when needed. Or the The Defib Caddy is designed to keep your defibrillator protected from the elements and accessible 24/7 with an outdoor cabinet, available both locked and unlocked, this model is the locked version and includes a mechanical keypad lock.

The 3D Metal Public Accessible Defibrillator Wall Sign is manufactured to be hard to miss. Made to stand proud and printed with the universally recognised symbol for 'Defibrillator', our sign directs rescuers to your device location, ensuring it is visible from all angles in an emergency. Ensure that all staff members, visitors or passers-by know that your site is equipped with a publicly accessible defibrillator so they can assist someone suffering a cardiac arrest in an emergency. 

Although training in the use of an AED is not compulsory, the Automatic External Defibrillation (AED) Course is a great way to give your staff and visitors the confidence to use this life saving equipment in an Emergency. The course is a half day course, and will give attendees practical experience in CPR and using the defib and result in confident AED users at the end of the course. If you purchase your AED from DeFib UK, we will ensure your model of AED will be on the course.