DeFib UK Inside 'Start a Heart' Kit - HeartSine 500P


At DeFib UK we like to take the stress and confusion away from buying an AED. We have made it easy to buy your AED, all you need to decide is, which AED you prefer and whether want it inside or out … place your order for your DeFib UK ‘Start a Heart’ Kit and have the peace of mind that you will be ready if you ever need to use your AED.

What Comes with the DeFib UK ‘Start a Heart’ Kit?

  • HeartSine 500P AED
  • Rescue Kit – face mask, scissors and razor
  • ARKY Indoor Cabinet – unlocked
  • Tent style AED Location Sign – let people know where the AED is
  • Training for up to 12 people – have people that are comfortable using your AED
  • FREE P&P

    HeartSine 500P AED Key Features 

    • CPR feedback tool coaches you through chest compression's
    • Portable and lightweight – so the unit is easy to transport in an emergency
    • SCOPE biphasic technology produces low-energy waveform and escalating-shock therapy
    • User-friendly interface and easy-to-understand visual and verbal prompts
    • System Status Ready indicator flashes to show the unit is ready for use
    • CPR gauge registers the strength of the chest compression's

    AED Rescue Kit

    The AED Rescue kit comes with everything you need with your AED. This kit comes in a handy case and is supplied with:

    • CPR Mask
    • Universal Shears
    • Razor
    • Towelette
    • Surgical Gloves

    *Contents may vary in size, colour or brand from time to time.

    **All contents one patient use only and are for disposal after use.

    ARKY Indoor Cabinet

    The ARKY indoor AED cabinet is a strong metal perfectly powder coated cabinet. The ARKY indoor cabinet is unlocked and is suitable for all AED's and any indoor environment where temperature control is not an issue. 

    Tent Style AED Location Sign

    This light weight 3D wall sign is printed with the universal "ilcor" AED Sign + wording "defibrillator" and will ensure your defibrillator is visible from all angles, saving vital time in an emergency. The sign is suitable inside or out. 

    AED Training for up to 12 people

    Key to trying to 'Start a Heart' is having people willing and able to administer AED treatment and CPR. The DeFib UK AED Training is designed to give those attending the confidence and practical skills to use an AED when needed.

    Not Sure Which Start a Heart AED Kit is best for you?

    Remember, we are here to help. If you have any questions, or need help deciding the best AED for your needs, please call us .... it's what we are here for. 01473 551915