Bleed Control Kit

Bleed Control Kit

Our Bleed Control Kit's primary purpose is to equip individuals with the essential tools and supplies needed to swiftly and effectively manage life-threatening bleeding until professional medical assistance arrives. 

By empowering bystanders and immediate responders, this kit can potentially save lives during critical moments. You’ll find these kits in various locations, including schools, public centres, bleed control cabinets, and workplaces. 

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    The MERE Bleed control Kit also known as a haemorrhage control kit or trauma kit, is a specialised medical kit designed to provide immediate and effective treatment for severe bleeding. This kit is intended to be used in emergency situations where there is significant and potentially life-threatening bleeding. What’s included? 

    • MERE Responder Pouch Pro 
    • Trauma Fix Dressing 10X18cm 
    • CAT Tourniquet 
    • CELOX RAPID Gauze 
    • CELOX Fox Vented Chest Seal 
    • Trauma Fix Dressing 15X18cm 
    • Examination Gloves 
    • MERE Foil Blankcet 
    • First-Aid Guidance leaflet 
    • Permanent Marker Pen 
    • High Power Light Stick 
    • Bleed Control Aid-Memoire

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