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AED Orientation Workshop
DeFib UK

Run by our sister company, Good Skills Training, the AED Orientation Workshop is designed to give small cohorts a basic understanding of chest compressions only CPR and confidence using the AED in short 1-hour sessions.

AED Orientation Workshop Syllabus

  • Primary survey
  • Chest Compressions only CPR
  • Turning on the AED
  • Pad Placement
  • Following AED Prompts

Course Duration

1-day, normally 09:30 – 16:30, made up of six 1-hour workshops, with 4 people per workshop (total 24 people).

Awarding Body

There is no awarding body for this course, but it is certificated by Good Skills Training.

More information on the course can be found on Good Skills Trainings WebSite, or you can call 01473 551815 to discuss your needs in more detail and possible date options.

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